247cctv: the common mistakes that only experts can rectify

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With some of the highest recorded cases of burglary and theft, residents of England are highly aware of the need for 247 cctv surveillance.

London Essex and southeast parts of England are the most prone areas falling prey to these thefts. Aspeople are becoming more concern about the need for security, a high rise in the installation of CCTV has taken pace.

People who have installed close circuit cameras at their places are often seen to complain how ineffective their security system is. In most cases, their security solutions are falling ineffective to trace down. This increases the risk of the owner.

Only professionals are well equipped efficiently with their deep knowledge and experience. The loose ends that are left by common residents are joined only by the experts of CCTV installation companies.

The mistakes you are making that only an expert can rectify:

  • The camera that you are installing is not in a suitable place. There is a high chance that the surveillance camera that you install all by yourself is not in the right place.
  1. If the position of the camera is not right, there is a chance it will cut off distant areas.
  2. If the camera is placed too high above, distant corners are not covered properly.
  3. Placing the camera too low will restrict the video to a lower level.


  • Coverage of the camera is not equally distributed. Only a professional can estimate the total number of CCTV cameras that should be placed to cover up the whole property.
  1. If any individual who is not experienced with the video coverage of cameras chooses the total number of cameras required, there will always be one part left unattended.
  2. Along with the above-mentioned points, placing of the cameras by an amateur can go wrong too. There could be obstructions preventing the full view.

The optimal solution:

Professional who are aware of the workings, range and coverage areas must be hired to work on the placing of 247 CCTV.

Only an expert can effectively calculate and give you the best placement of cameras at affordable rates. People could end up purchasing fewer sources and get the maximum benefits which only professionals can provide.