Personalities of a Bengali Cat

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There is a point which is to be noted that animal personality and character highly depend on the surrounding they live in and also on the genetic factors. These cats are very intelligent, playful, lovable and curious. You cannot predict their personality traits. They need an excess amount of love and care to get domesticated because they are a bit wild in nature. If you don’t know the personality and traits of a Bengal cat, it is very important to know them before you can keep one at your house as a pet. You will have to spend a good amount of time with them. If you don’t, then they may get into an emotional trauma.

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They are very devoted to being a part of the family and have a very soft personality. They are attention seeking and they have no intention to harm kids. They don’t love to spend time sitting on the lap unlike other cats; they are very playful and active. So they don’t love the application of any restrictions on them. They have a habit of roaming with the family members, so they don’t miss out any situation of fun.
Activities they love
They have a dynamic personality, and they spend half of their day running, leaping and chasing. Sometimes you will also find them to be soft and affectionate. They like doing exciting things, and they always are present when something happens.


Confidence and curiosity
They have a huge passion for exploring things. The reason is that they have a very intelligent brain. Teaching and training these cats is very easy. As they are so much intelligent, they easily get what they want. So, open drawers are the indicators on of your cat’s mischievous activity. These are the things which make them different from the other cats. You may find the others a little cold and independent if you compare them to these.


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